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BusPass-logo-small NOTICE: Summer Bus Pass Opt-In will begin April 16th, 2019. More information below in the Summer Opt-In Information section.

The UWSA, OPUS and GSS negotiates a universal student bus pass (U-Pass) for UWSA, OPUS and GSS students. In order to use the U-Pass card, students will need to tap their U-Pass cards on the readers upon boarding the buses. Students must have their student ID when using the bus pass.

The U-Pass allows members to have unlimited rides on the regular Transit Windsor city service during the school year. 
Driving Today for a Better Tomorrow
Transit Windsor operates the public transit service for the municipality of the City of Windsor. You can view the route maps and schedules for the service area map at the Transit Windsor website at www.citywindsor.ca/transitwindsor. You can also view the terms and conditions and other useful information on the site.


The U-Pass costs $132 for the Fall and Winter semester of each year. The fee is assessed for students during the Fall semester in their student fees. Students can choose to opt-in during the Summer semester at the cost of $66. 

Lost cards can be replaced at the cost of $10 at the UWSA office. Please note that it may take a couple of days for lost cards to be processed and replaced.

Pick Up Your Pass!

What to bring:
  • Student ID, or
  • Government-issued photo ID

Opt-Out Information

Visit back soon for updated information!

Opt-Out Area Codes


Eligible for Opt Out: N0P, N7L, N7M, N0L, N0R, N9V, N8H, N8M, N8N, N9K, N9Y 

Before you opt out, understand that you cannot opt back in under any circumstances until the next school year

What to bring:
One (1) government-issued piece of identification:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Passport
  • OR for those who do not have any of the above, you are required to have two (2) documents from the “additional proof of current residence”
One (1) additional proof of current residence:
  • Bill or statement in your name (bank statement, credit card)
  • Pay stub
–> Students who successfully opted out will be reimbursed via cheque.

Summer Opt-In Information

UWSA, OPUS and GSS students are able to opt into a summer bus pass at the same rate. Students have the option of opting-in for the summer term (May-August) at the discounted rate of $66.00; however, this is only possible if you were a full-time undergraduate, part-time or graduate student during the Fall or Winter 2018-2019 term.
  • Summer Opt-In Period begins April 16th, 2019
  • Opt-in at the UWSA Offices located in Room 209, 2nd Floor CAW Student Centre
  • Opt-in hours are:
    • Monday-Thursday @ 10am – 12pm and 1pm-3pm
    • Friday @ 10am-1pm
  • NOTE: Your summer bus pass will be officially activated May 1st, therefore, please use your Fall & Winter pass until April 30th.

Deactivated U-Pass Cards

U-Pass cards that have been stolen or lost will be deactivated. Once the card has been deactivated, it is no longer active and will, therefore, prevent any other individual from using the card. Any U-Pass replacements that are made automatically deactivates the previous card, consequently, the only U-Pass card that is active is the most recent U-Pass that was acquired by the student.

Once you have picked up your U-Pass the card is yours to use as long as you remain an eligible full-time undergraduate or graduate student. No refunds will be processed for issued cards.

Additional U-Pass Information

Information such as validity, confiscation of bus passes and terms of use can be found on Additional U-Pass Info document.



Feel free to view our Frequently Asked Questions about the Universal Bus Pass. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns at uwsa@uwindsor.ca.
Contact Info
UWSA Office For General Inquiries

519-253-3000 Ext. 3600 

Opt-Out Deadline

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