Note that the documents are organized by our term which starts May 1st of the year and ends on April 30th of the next year.
2017 - 2018BOD MeetingApril, 05th DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
BOD MeetingMarch, 27th DownloadBOD Meeting
BOD MeetingMarch, 22nd DownloadBOD Meeting
AGM-2018March, 19th DownloadAGM-2018
BOD MeetingMarch, 15th DownloadBOD Meeting
BOD MeetingMarch, 04th DownloadBOD Meeting
BOD MeetingFebruary, 15th DownloadBOD Meeting
BOD MeetingFebruary, 01st DownloadBOD Meeting
BOD MeetingJanuary, 25th DownloadBOD Meeting
BOD MeetingJanuary, 11th DownloadBOD Meeting
UWSA BOD MeetingDecember, 07th DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
SGM Minutes - Nov2017November, 29th DownloadSGM Minutes - Nov2017
BOD MeetingNovember, 23rd DownloadBOD Meeting
BOD MeetingNovember, 09th DownloadBOD Meeting
UWSA BOD MeetingOctober, 26th DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
SGM Minutes - Oct2017October, 23rd DownloadSGM Minutes - Oct2017
UWSA BOD MeetingOctober, 05th DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
UWSA BOD MeetingSeptember, 21st DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
UWSA BOD MeetingAugust, 31st DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
BOD MeetingAugust, 15th DownloadBOD Meeting
UWSA BOD MeetingJuly, 13th DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
BOD MeetingJune, 22nd DownloadBOD Meeting
UWSA BOD MeetingMay, 19th DownloadUWSA BOD Meeting
UWSA Board of Directors MeetingMay, 10th Download

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