Important Documents
There are a number of governing documents for the UWSA. Please take some time to review so that you are informed on how the UWSA runs.
UWSA Documents
UWSA Bylaws – These were created to be the governing documents of the UWSA. The Bylaws provide direction to the UWSA in regards to the day-to-day business.

UWSA Policies – These are the least difficult to amend under the UWSA regulations. They are separated into procedural and operational guidelines for the UWSA.

UWSA Elections Policies –The policy that governs membership-wide questions regarding elections with the UWSA.

UWSA Referendum Policy – The policy that governs membership-wide questions regarding referendums with the UWSA.

UWSA Hierarchial Chart – This chart outlines where positions in the UWSA fall under in a hierarchical representation.

University of Windsor Documents
Student Code of Conduct – This is the University of Windsor’s policy on student code of contact.

Sign Posting Policy – This is the University of of Windsor’s requirements for posting signage on campus.

If you ever have questions regarding these documents, please contact the UWSA at

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