Board of Directors
The members of the UWSA Board of Directors elected to represent YOU in the 2017/2018 school year are:

UWSA Executives
VP Finance
– Sheldon Harrison –
VP Services – Sarah Noureddine –
VP Advocacy – Admira Konjic –

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Jeremiah Bowers –
Amanda Skocic –
Dana Attalla –
Liam Adams –

Faculty of Computer Science
Akshit Tripathi –

Faculty of Engineering
Aashir Mahmood –

Faculty of Human Kinetics
Dayana Hassoun –

Faculty of Law
Hagar Elsayed –

Faculty of Nursing
Andres Curbelo-Novoa –

Faculty of Science:
Ahmed Abdallah –
Sahibjot Grewal –

Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Aine Donnelly –

Residence Representative
Jonabeth Martinez –

International Representative
Kafilat Wole-Sowole –

Student Senators
Amy Bui –
Abrahim Abduelmula –
Ahmed Khalifa –
Amber Shaheen –
Yosra Elasyed –
Zeina Merheb –
We Want YOU!
Are you interested in making a difference on campus by being a part of student governance? Are you passionate about enhancing the student experience? We are looking for passionate, dedicated and hardworking full-time, undergraduate students to run for elected positions and get involved. Keep your eyes open for when nominations open on the Elections Info page!

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