Public Address: UWSA General Election 2017 Official Results Finalized – April 27th, 2017

Full Statement Here

Public Statement regarding the UWSA General Election 2017 Official Results 

Full Statement Here.

UWSA General Election 2017 Unofficial Results 

The official results will be posted within the next 13 days. Click here for the unofficial results. 

Lancer’s Sport and Recreation Centre Referendum 2017

On February 1 & 2 2017, students voted in the UWSA LSRC Referendum. See the results of the LSRC Results

UWSA By-Elections – 2016

On October 26 and October 27, 2016, students voted in the UWSA By-Election 2016.
See the By-Election Results 2016.

Past Results

Note that the documents are organized by our term which starts May 1st of the year and ends on April 30th of the next year.

By-Election 2016 Results

General Election 2016 Report
Transit Windsor Bus Referendum 2016 Report
Lancers Sport and Recreation Centre Referendum 2015 Report
By-Election 2015 Report

General Election 2015 Report
By-Election 2014 Report

General Election 2014 Report

General Election 2013 Report

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