By-Elections 2017

Here is the list of Candidates for the 2017 By-Election!



Nav Deo

Board of Directors – Business

Rana Habib

Board of Directors – Business

Dastu Ibrahim

Board of Governors

Mary-Catherine Croshaw

Board of Governors

Serdar Ismail


RJ “Soul-Train” Sivanesan


Jeremiah Bowers



By-Election Calendar

Important Documents

Please take some time to review the Important Documents relating to UWSA Elections. In particular, the UWSA Elections Policies and the UWSA Referendum Policy will be very helpful in answering any questions regarding elections and referendums. Candidates must also follow the University of Windsor Code of Conduct. Presidental candidates must complete an RCMP Clearance and Board Candidates must complete a City of Windsor Criminal Check.

Job Descriptions

In the By-Elections, only the positions listed at the top of the page are available.

UWSA Executives

Board Positions
Board of Director
Student Senator
Board of Governors Representative

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